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Lamp kept on a tall table, inside a tray filled with kerosene.

Locust is spoiling too much of crops, especially in Africa. It is said that at present it is eating crops to destroy food equivalent of 35000 people. Here, I am presenting a simple solution, used by Indian farmers to avoid insects spoiling crops.

Method to be adopted.

A light source, ideally a gas light is to be placed at a high point (a table or a stucture constructed for this purpose only) and illuminated during the night. A large tray filled with kerosene is placed below that light. Locust and such other insects will fly towards light and then fall in to the tray and will eventually die because of kerosene. Next day, it will have to be cleaned and if required, this procedure will be repeated for a couple of days.

This method will kill all types of such insects. It is very simple, economical, effective and very efficient and harmless for the crop. The disinfectant or other types of spray will adversely affect the crop and result in bio magnification.