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I have used both types of printers. I had a photo copying shop also. So, i thought it will be good to share my experience here.There are advantages and dis advantages for both.So, I will write it in steps. Ink jet printer.

Advantages: Initial cost is very less:compared to laser printer, the cost of the inkjet printer is nearly 1/3rd. This is the very big advantage and in most of the places, it is because of this reason, inkjet printer is preferred.

  1.  colour printing is also possible for less money: in many inkjet printers, with an additional cartridge, colour printing  will also be provided.
  2. Compact; inkjet printers will be very compact.
  3. less number of parts, hence maintenance will be less.
  4. Consumes  very less electrical power.

Disadvantages: Quality of print:   This depends upon the quality of paper. Most of the paper will absorb more ink and prints, especially  of photos will smudge. A very good quality paper should be used.

  1. Inkjet replacement: only original will reproduce the same quality. Duplicate cartridges will produce low quality prints.
  2. Only some companies use water proof ink. So, even after one month, if the print becomes wet, colour will be washed out.This is the biggest disadvantage.
  3. Speed of printing will be less. This is measured as ppm that is prints per minutes.
  4. Running cost is high, that is cost per copy will be more.
  5. we have to take at least one print in two days, or else, ink will dry out at the tip and it will have to be cleaned.

Advantages: Laser printers:

  1. Once the cartridge is replaced, it gives about 2000 copies, so no frequent replacements.
  2. quality will be very high.
  3. High speed printing  will be there in most of the machines.
  4. large paper tray, more adjustments and so on will be there.
  5. Duty cycle, that is number of copies per day will be more.
  6. Less noise and very easy.
  7. Always water proof, we can wash  the prints!
  8. Running cost will be very less.
  9. Any kind of paper can be used.
  10. Robust that is it is not delicate.
  11. No ink drying problem because, it uses dry power only.


  1. Initial cost will be high
  2. Bulky, containing too many parts.
  3. Too much of electrical power consumption
  4. Rollers are to be replaced frequently.

With all the factors listed above, no printer is good or bad. It depends upon our usage and requirement. If large number of copies or required, then it is laser printer. If less number of copies or required, it is inkjet printer and so on.So, many institutions will have both the printers and use them selectively.