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Heart and brain

Brain is the power house for all intellectual work but heart is known for feelings. Some people are brain dominated. They will always be calculative looking every thing like a business. They are less kind to almost everyone, including their own family members.

Some other people are heart dominated. They will be ready to give away anything for others and they only expect love and affection. They will not just do it for family members, they will extend this to every one.

Some are almost equally balanced between the two.

Real friend

Many of us will always think of exacly what we should tell or not to tell a friend. But real friendship means there should not be any thing untold to him are her.

Power of humans over animals.

As humans, we can do many things that animals cannot do. These include thinking, talking, writing, arts and so on. We will try to do every thing, including cheating, telling lies, taking bribes just for tomorrow. We will even neglect today in this process.But animals are not cunning mainly because, they will not worry about tomorrow. Let us utilise God given powers for good things.

We always want something more than what we have.

We always want something more than what we have. We think that we can enjoy life if we can get more money, more power and so on. This quote will try to knockoff that kind of mindset by a good example.

Thinking too much is also not good.

Some people will be thinking much more than necessary. As an example, they will think 10 hours to decide in which vehicle to travel for next day’s small trip and so on. They will not enjoy the trip because, they will start thinking what next always. Thinking too much is termed as worrying and not planning.

Problem of ego of a teacher.

A real teacher should not have ego about the knowledge he or she is having. After our departure, the knowledge that we shared to the public only remains and the remaining knowledge that we had will vanish. The above quote illustrates how even a small percentage of ego will spoil the knoledge of a teacher.

Time management of life.

Most of us will spend too much of time in thinking of our future. Some people will spend time in anaysing what they have already done. Only some wise people will enjoy life . This does not mean that we should not plan our future or analyse our past. It means that we should not spend too much of time for them. Most of the time should be spent on our present status of life.

More quotes in the part-2. Please give your opinions.