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Shopping mall

I went to a shopping mall with my wife. We used lift and went to the 4th floor. It was so peculiar, that for going to the 4th floor, it is lift but for coming down, we should use only the escalator! But my wife is having strange fear and so, will never use escalator! 

She started quarreling with me for no fault of me. I was trying to convince her to use escalator. I was unsuccessful.I then went to a shop girl and told my problem. But that shop was little away from where my wife was standing. Shop girl agreed to help and she went to convince my wife. Within minutes, she came and told me that she has convinced my wife! It was unbelievable. When I was about to move, she told me to go along with my “wife”. But she had unknowingly convinced some other lady! That strange lady was willing to come and was smiling and looking at me! I was terribly embarrassed and I told the situation to shop girl. She laughed and went. Then I told all this to my wife. Surprisingly, she agreed to accompany me to come down by the escalator.