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Husband Praveen and wife Asha were always quarreling for something or the other.

Each one was almost competing with the other, in almost all matters. Food preparation was also a problem. Sometimes, both of them were preparing separate foods.One day, there was a quarrel regarding making a cup of coffee. They decided to call their neighbor, who knew them very well, to give a judgment about giving judgment declaring one of them as better coffee maker than the other. He was a retired professor. He was given a time on a Sunday morning. Both husband and wife got ready early in the morning and called the professor. Professor came and both of them started making coffee on separate vessels. They offered the coffee to professor. He poured a little coffee in to his cup and tasted the coffee prepared by husband and said” your coffee is having more sugar” Wife started feeling happy, but when professor tasted her coffee, he said” your coffee is having more milk”. He said” No one is the winner”. He called both of them and mixed both coffees. Then he asked them to taste it. They were surprised. It was the best coffee. He said” if both of you stop competing and start co operating, you can achieve something big”. They realized their mistake and thanked the professor.