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Flower from my pot

Among many types of photography, flower photography is a very important one. Whatever maybe special field of photography of any photographer, he will have a large amount of flower photograph collections with him. In that context I have explained in detail, the method of taking flower pictures.
For any type of photography, fundamentals are required . Initially I have explained basic camera settings and fundamentals of photography.
I have classified the flowers into three important categories as:
•Small flowers
•Medium size flowers and
•Large flowers.
In small flowers almost any camera will do and camera settings are of less importance even though it is required. Normally these flowers are in groups and photographs are also in large collection of flowers arranged in different ways.
It is medium size flowers that are extremely important, as Rose , dahlia and others are in this category. In this category I have explained in detail with camera settings ,how a photograph of the flower is clicked. Important parameters like background light, composition, direction of light, camera angle, exposure and composition.
Large flower , each camera setting is critical . Also in this category light variations, depth of field and tricks like sprinkling some water on flower, so that the flower can have reflections of water droplets on petals. I have also included the method of extreme close up of hibiscus.
Editing methods:
These are the days of digital world and most of the corrections are done by editing photos. Therefore I have explained in detail, simple editing used Microsoft inbuilt editor, editing with Picasa, editing using MS Word and power point. These are extremely simple to understand but one can do a lot of alterations like colour correction rest exposure correction composition correction change. All these editing are explained with flower pictures