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There are a number of camera types, makes and models with almost any price tag. So, many people are getting confused about which camera to buy. Many will end up in buying a camera by considering its visual appeal or advertisement and then realize that it will not serve their purpose.Remember, resale value of present day digital camera will drop down to 75% of its market price, even if you try to sell it as soon as you purchase!
There are some points to remember before buying any camera

1] purpose of buying
For most of us, point and shoot camera is enough. If you are into serious photography, then think of a good camera with all the controls

2] affordability of your purse
A good camera naturally costs more. In that buying spirit, do not over spend.

3] ease of carrying it.
Many of us will have good big camera, but it is difficult to carry. So, many times most of us will end up in keeping the camera in the shelf and taking pictures in mobile camera!

4] one camera cannot do every thing!
We cannot expect one camera to suite every purpose. So, many photographers will have more than one camera, like a big one with all controls and a compact one for simple events